Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Life Is Good" Award!

I was given the Life Is Good award by the amazing Oddyoddyo13! Life is good.

I have to answer the ten questions she asked and make ten questions of my own, then pass the award on to six other bloggers that would answer the ten questions that I made! Then the awarded bloggers would have to do the same!

These are the questions that Oddyoddyo13 asked:

What do you do when you're bored?
Blog :)

Are you an autumn, or a spring? (*bats eyelashes*)
Spring, it's snake season!

Quick! You're stuck at an airport for hours, and the only options are a crossword puzzle, or an old novel no body's ever heard of. Which would be your pick?
The crossword puzzle of course!

Jane Austen or Emily Bronte? (Or someone along those lines..)
Jane Austen.

Do you feel prepared for the five other questions coming your way?
Ummm, yes?

Who's your hero?
Kat Von D.

Favorite word? (Humor me.)
Belleh (Belly)

Are you one of those "checklist" people, or are you a "wing it and hope everything goes well" sort of people?
It's impossible for me to plan anything, I am a "wing it and hope everything goes well" person!

What phrase has stuck with you in your life?
Do what you like, like what you do!
*Mary Englbright*

If you were to choose between coffee and tea, which would you go with? (I'd like to know this one...)
Now I make ten questions for the bloggers I choose for the award to answer:

How old are you?:P

Do you have any tattoos, if so, how many and where?

Jensen Ackles or Jared padalecki?

Spiders or snakes?

Sneakers or heals?

How long have you been blogging?

If you were stranded on an island, and could bring three things, what would you bring?

"Live well", "laugh often", or "love much"?

Survivor or Supernatural? (the shows)

Ghosts or aliens? Do you think either are real?

Now I will pass this award to six bloggers:





Laura Tina and Tara


Have fun answering these questions!

-Miss Mayhem


Oddyoddyo13 said...

Hehe, great answers!

Alice in Wonderland said...

Don't you just love these questions and answers things?

Gabrielle said...

Thanks for the award! I really appreciate it, i was having a bad day and on top of it I lost a follower, you brightened my day!

love, love, love

PS great questions :)

....Petty Witter said...

Congratulations on your award. I was also tagged by Oddyoddyo so thought I'd pay the other blogs on her list a visit. Nice to have met you.

Wini said...

Congrats on your award!! Its nice to get to know a bit more about you. I've given you a little mention in my latest post. I just wanted to acknowledge you and the two awards you gave me a little while ago!! Sorry its taken me so long. Wini xo :)

Tara said...

I know I am late! But thank you thank you thank you for this award. You are too kind. I can only say someone likes me...someone really likes me! I'll answer your questions on my blog right now.

Simply Colette said...

Thank you so much for your award!!! I appreciate it very much. Hope you are having a lovely spring time. :) xoxo

Simply Colette said...

Thank you so much for your award!!! I appreciate it very much. Hope you are having a lovely spring time. :) xoxo