Monday, September 27, 2010

Best Commercials Ever!!!

"You know what makes me sad? YOU DO!!!!!"

Can you find the giraffe? ;D

The man your man could smell like!!

Part two:

"Isn't it?"


And those are my favorite commercials! What are your faves?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Favorite Games!

This post I will tell you what my favorite games are. And in your comment please tell me what your favorite games are too!

Favorite Video Game:
Legend Of Zelda; Ocerina Of Time! This game might be a little old, but you can't beat it! This game was way ahead of it's time and it's so much fun to play! The puzzles, traps, and the whole story line is just too much fun! (close second: The Legend Of Zelda, Twilight Princess!)

Favorite Outdoor Game:
Rating Guys! In this game, all you have to do is say a number 1 to 10 (1 being the ugliest, and 10 being close to Jensen Ackles) when you see a guy. Example: *hot guy walks past you and your friend* You: "9." Friend: "no way! 7, maybe!". It's best to play the game in the mall or somewhere there are a lot of guys your age! (close second: Wave at random people and see their reactions! LOL)

Favorite Nintendo D.s Game:
Picross 3D! This game all you have to do is read the instructions (carefully!) And destroy blocks to create an image. This game is really fun and easy to play! Oh, and you can create your own puzzles for your friends to try! (close second: Style Savvy!)

Favorite Computer Game:
Stardoll! It's a website where you make your Medoll and buy her clothes and make up and even stuff for your own suite! You also have to option to pay with a credit card or just use the free part, witch is what do. You can also make friends, and chat with them when they are online! It's fun for girls of every age! (close second: Howrse!)

Favorite Board Game:
Monopoly! Everyone knows Monopoly, and I'm pretty sure everyone has played it! :D
(close second: The Game Of Life!)

Now that you all know my favorite games, tell me yours! And I honestly don't care if your comment is long or not. I'll still read it! And if you tell me your favorite website that you have joined, I'll let you know if I join it too so that you can give me your username and I can friend you!


Saturday, September 11, 2010

My (currant) Three Favorite Songs!

Outside, by Staind

Hey Man Nice Shot, by Filter

She sells Sanctuary, The Cult

These are my favorite songs (for now)! I hope you like them as much as I do!


Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Been A While!

Hi everyone!
Yes, I'm alive and well! And I'm now posting again! And because it's been so long I should let you all know what's happened in the month and 1/2 I wasn't posting, so here we go!

We got a new kitten named Sushi to be friends with Angel (whois HUGE now!), and they get along great!

Sushi ^

I got my permit and am now driving! My father is teaching me because when my mother was teaching my brother he scared the *^%$ out of her multiple times so she vowed to never teach a kid to drive again!

Harley Davidson is GIANT!

I've finished 20 things on my 51 Things To Do Before 2011 list.

StarDoll is my favorite website! It's AWESOME for any girl of any age!

So that's what you've been missing out on. Not much, huh? But I'm still trying to accomplish one of the goals on my 51 TTDB 2011 list, Get 50 Or More Followers On My Blog, so to earn those followers, I am going to try to post more! Please tell your friends to follow my blog and I WILL POST MORE!!

Thanks for reading!