Friday, September 10, 2010

It's Been A While!

Hi everyone!
Yes, I'm alive and well! And I'm now posting again! And because it's been so long I should let you all know what's happened in the month and 1/2 I wasn't posting, so here we go!

We got a new kitten named Sushi to be friends with Angel (whois HUGE now!), and they get along great!

Sushi ^

I got my permit and am now driving! My father is teaching me because when my mother was teaching my brother he scared the *^%$ out of her multiple times so she vowed to never teach a kid to drive again!

Harley Davidson is GIANT!

I've finished 20 things on my 51 Things To Do Before 2011 list.

StarDoll is my favorite website! It's AWESOME for any girl of any age!

So that's what you've been missing out on. Not much, huh? But I'm still trying to accomplish one of the goals on my 51 TTDB 2011 list, Get 50 Or More Followers On My Blog, so to earn those followers, I am going to try to post more! Please tell your friends to follow my blog and I WILL POST MORE!!

Thanks for reading!


Abby. said...

Haha I'll be getting my permit soon! :) I can't wait!
When you get those 51 things done..I wanna read 'em!

Glad you're back!


Lexi said...

sooo glad ur back!

Lola said...

Hi! Hope you caught the comment I left at end of your previous post?


Alice in Wonderland said...

Good to see you back! I was getting a bit worried about you, but I'm glad that things are going well.
Keep on writing...your followers will soon shoot up!
Big hugs!

Alice in Wonderland said...
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Anonymous said...

HEY! I missed you! Welcome back!!!

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Been too long since you posted!!! Congrats on driving. :)

Sushi-love that name!