Monday, March 29, 2010


I watched this episode on Animal Planet. This dog is hilarious! Watch this video and look at the look on Stains face, he looks hypnotized by the cupcakes!

Isn't that crazy? I love the show called It's Me Or The Dog!

-Miss Mayhem

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Crazy Shoes!

Who doesn't love reading a post about crazy shoes once in a while? Here are some pictures of the craziest shoes I could find!

Is this even a shoe?

I don't even know what this is...

Pikachu! I love Pikachu!

These are my favorite! I would totally wear these... :)

I hope you like these crazy shoes as much as I do!
-Miss Mayhem

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Barbie's Wedding Dress

I made a wedding dress! I have no idea what could have possibly made me want to do this, but it turned out pretty good!

Isn't it pretty?

Let me know what you think!
-Miss Mayhem

Monday, March 15, 2010

Awesome Nail Polish :)

I bought the most awesomest nail polish ever Saturday:

And I had fun with it!

Is this nail polish cool or what? The first picture is kind of dark, but that's only so you can see the glow in the nail polish! I took the second picture on my dog! He was the only thing black of mine that was actually supposed to have dog hair on it!
-Miss Mayhem

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Battle For The Display Picture!

I have to share the computer I use with my brother and dad! It sucks because my brother doesn't like Lol Cats. He won't let me use them for the display picture on the computer! So last night My Brother and I had a battle for the display!

First, I changed it from what my mom had on this computer:

To This:

My brother thought my favorite artists painting was lame so he changed it to this:

I thought it was boring, so I changed it to this:

And My brother liked it so I had to and change it again:

Apparently My brother isn't a fan of cute, cuddly kittens! He changed it to this, because he knows I hate her:

I thought he would never change it from his favorite turtle:

But he did:

I love Ac/Dc. I think they are one of the greatest bands of all time. So, he won! I couldn't change it, I love it! Thanks Brother!

-Missy May

Catch Me (This post was originally posted on my other blog on 3/12/2010)

I love this song. There is one part in the lyrics that I can't seem to get out of my mind:
"Every hello ends with a goodbye"
I pondered this over and over on my mind thinking, "Wow, it's right!"
Sadly, there is no one you can say "Hello" to, without there being a goodbye in the end. We break-up, move away, end friendships, and eventually, die.

Now that you read my post, you're probably depressed! Sorry! Oh well, at least this song is good!
It doesn't buffer!

I've Been Sick (This post was originally posted on my other blog on 3/11/2010)

Tissues have been my best friend for the past week. My family and I were sick and we had to run to the store for tissues twice! My brother got sick working a Valet shift at his work, then my sisters, dad and I all got sick too. Yay! *Big-time sarcasm*

My mom won't let me use the computer when I'm sick, so that's why I haven't been reading, commenting on blogs, or posting since my Alice In Wonderland post! All of my favorite blogs have had so many posts that I need to read!

When was the worst time you have ever been sick? Tell me!
I'll post again soon!
-Missy May

It's Like They Made This Movie For Me (This post was originally posted on my other blog on 3/5/2010)

I never watched the original Alice In Wonderland movie, I never wanted to. Although when Alice In Wonderland is supposed to creep me out, the cat is supposed to scare me, AND it has Johnny Depp and Ann Hathaway starring in it, I HAVE TO WATCH IT!!!

Honestly, the cat scares me pretty badly. I have had nightmares about it just watching the previews! My 7 year old sister thinks it's cute.

I didn't know this movie even existed until my friend took my to see Paranormal Activity. When the (Really, really, really, scary) movie was over we walked out of the theater and my friend pointed out the Alice In Wonderland movie sign, then she tried to convince me the crazy dude under all of the make-up was my favorite actor Johnny Depp. I didn't believe her because I was trying to tell myself that Johnny Depp isn't that crazy. He is! I started to believe her when she pointed out Johnny Depp's name in the cast!
Hehehehe...She was right. I am so glad Johnny is that crazy because I wouldn't want to watch it if anyone else was playing the Mad Hatter!

What do you think about the movie?

-Missy May

yelllllllllllllow! (This post was originally posted on my other blog on 3/2/2010)

I got this idea from Malou and Fia a while ago from this post. Malou has an adorable little toy given to her from Fia for her birthday. It is hot pink so she named it pinkkkkkkky! The more K's in the name the happier it is! If you read her post you'll learn more. I told them I was going to try to make one out of felt, I did and because it's yellow, I named it yellllllllow! Cute, huh?
This is the making of yelllllllow:

Everything I need...

Sewing it! Yay!

I messed up on the mouth...

...All fixed!

It's getting there...


...Done! Yay!

I took some pictures of yellllllllow exploring my house:

Looking at the camera,

Playing with our dog,

Hiding in my sister's hair,

Getting stomped on by the bunny,

Hiding in my clothes,

I'm sure you recognize this pretty box I decorated in another post, right? It's where I'm going to keep yelllllllow!

I'm not sure how....this happened...ummmmmm...

I was thinking this picture would be a good Avatar picture for me! Tell me what you think in my comments!

I love him. His little flaws are so cute! The magazine paper sewn into him in the first few pictures was on purpose! My sewing machine can only sew felt if I sew paper with it because the fuzzy stuff will jam the needle inside the machine. So, I used an old magazine for the paper!

I hope you liked yellllllow! I sure do! You'll definitely see more of yellllllllow!
Thank you Malou and Fia for this brilliant idea!

-Missy May

Paramore! (This post was originally posted on my other blog on 2/28/2010

This is a new song from Paramore. I love this song!

I hope you liked it!
-Missy May

Love it! (This post was originally posted on my other blog on 2/28/2010)

I said a while ago that I was going to have a monthly Love it post, here's this months:

Silver OPI nail polish. I love this stuff!

The show My Life As Liz. I want her hair, cut and color!

Lop rabbits. I love these bunnies so much! They're so cute!

I was over at a friends house and he had a lot of old books, he reminded me how much I love them!

Thanks for reading, I'll post again soon!
-Missy May

#1 Brother! (This post was originally posted on my other blog on 2/26/2010)

Happy Birthday #1 Brother!

You are the best brother ever. Now you're 18! I hope you know how much I love having you as my brother! Happy birthday!
-Missy May