Sunday, March 14, 2010

Black! All I See Is Black! (This post was originally posted on my other blog on 1/22/2010)

Yesterday morning, at around 9 the power went out. It wasn't that big a deal, because we could still see. I was bright and snowy out, and cold! A big storm had just gone through and left a foot of snow on EVERYTHING! My mom called the power company and they said they would have the power back on in about three hours. Five hours later, the power was still out! We called the power company again but we were put on hold for what seemed like forever, and had to listen to that horrible hold music,we finally just hung up. It was getting dark, and I had already attempted to turn on the television three times, forgetting the power was out. It was sooo dark, and sooo boring! We eventually did light some candles, but because my mom is such a good friend, we only had scented candles given to us as gifts. The house was so smelly, both my mom and I had headaches! We had to put the food from our fridge outside, cook dinner on our grill, hourly put warm water in our fish tank for our turtle AND keep dry towels in my sisters and my bedroom because our roof leaks (Really Bad!). I didn't know how much I loved lights, T.V, radio or Internet until now! The power finally came back on 12:43 this morning. I know what time exactly because the first thing I did was turn the T.V, and it was on the T.V guide channel! My sister and I went outside and went sledding to celebrate!

I HATE scented candles!

-Missy May:P

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