Sunday, March 14, 2010

Bunnies! (This post was originally posted on my other blog on 1/28/2010)

I have a bunny story! One day, My sisters and I were playing Barbies in the house while my brother was outside hitting golf balls into our homemade golf net. After a couple hours or so, he came inside yelling, "Get Mom! Get Mom!". He yelled for mom because she was across the house, and we were anxious to see why our brother was freaking out about. We went outside and our brother started telling us that there was a wild bunny in his golf net, he had already been hitting golf balls in it for a while! We were scared that the bunny was hurt, so my mom and brother tried to catch him. My sister grabbed a bucket to put him in, and my mom put him in it. He was only three inches long! He was the cutest thing I had ever seen! My mom called dad and he came home to see it. We assumed he was kicked out of his home, he was only about a couple of weeks old! We couldn't let him go, he would easily die, so we took him in! We used an old cat crate for his cage, and fed him vegetables. He was four months old when we let him go, he was much bigger and healthier! We all cried when we let him go.

Now, we see more wild bunnies around! I like to think it's because we kept Mama's bunny alive, ( We named him Mama's Bunny!) We are so glad we did!

These are some other bunnies in my life!

This is my stuffed bunny, supposedly my grandpa sent it to my mom when I was born. She has seen better days, yes, I said SHE! My dog Jack, thought she was his toy, so now I need to sew her foot, left ear, and back. I can't sleep without her!

This is my hat, it just screams awesome. The brand is Skelanimals, SO COOL!

This is My sisters bunny Zeke. He's SO soft! Sorry if all of the pictures have the wrong date, our camera's date is WAY off!

(P.S, If you have a good bunny name, tell me in my comments! The best is what I will name my stuffed bunny!)
-Missy May

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