Sunday, March 14, 2010

Snowy The Bunny (This post was originally posted on my other blog on 2/10/2010

I have about 17 pets. I have a Turtle named Zelda, a dog named Jack Sparrow, My sister's bunny named Zeke, and 6 guinea pigs named Precious, Cinnamon, Ginger, Sugar, Butters and my Max.

Then we have fish with our turtle, my foot long algae eater, appropriately named Fluffy. A baby algae eater named Cuddles and 6 other small fish.

Today, my Mom called from work and told me to ask my dad if it was okay to bring home another bunny. Of course, the answer was yes! My Mom later came home with a huge cardboard box containing our new member of the family. She's a HUGE white, with blue eyes Holland Lop rabbit my Mom had already named her Snowy. When I say huge, I mean it! She makes Zeke look tiny! She is the sweetest, softest, cutest thing in the world, (Besides Zeke!) Snowy and Zeke get along just fine, luckily!
These are pictures of our new family member:

Isn't she just adorable? She's had a long day so she's tired, some kids were chasing her around with marker on their hands. Meanies!

She is so cuddly!
-Missy May

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