Sunday, March 14, 2010

yelllllllllllllow! (This post was originally posted on my other blog on 3/2/2010)

I got this idea from Malou and Fia a while ago from this post. Malou has an adorable little toy given to her from Fia for her birthday. It is hot pink so she named it pinkkkkkkky! The more K's in the name the happier it is! If you read her post you'll learn more. I told them I was going to try to make one out of felt, I did and because it's yellow, I named it yellllllllow! Cute, huh?
This is the making of yelllllllow:

Everything I need...

Sewing it! Yay!

I messed up on the mouth...

...All fixed!

It's getting there...


...Done! Yay!

I took some pictures of yellllllllow exploring my house:

Looking at the camera,

Playing with our dog,

Hiding in my sister's hair,

Getting stomped on by the bunny,

Hiding in my clothes,

I'm sure you recognize this pretty box I decorated in another post, right? It's where I'm going to keep yelllllllow!

I'm not sure how....this happened...ummmmmm...

I was thinking this picture would be a good Avatar picture for me! Tell me what you think in my comments!

I love him. His little flaws are so cute! The magazine paper sewn into him in the first few pictures was on purpose! My sewing machine can only sew felt if I sew paper with it because the fuzzy stuff will jam the needle inside the machine. So, I used an old magazine for the paper!

I hope you liked yellllllow! I sure do! You'll definitely see more of yellllllllow!
Thank you Malou and Fia for this brilliant idea!

-Missy May

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