Thursday, June 17, 2010

Shopping At The Mall!!!

Today, my mom took my 2 sisters, Kelsy (my mom's boss's daughter. My mom loves her!) and I to the mall for a "girls day out"! We ate pizza and Sonic for lunch, went all around the mall, then went to Mcdonalds for ice cream!

Here's (almost) everything I got (Almost,meaning I'm not posting pictures of my bra or panties on my blog. I just won't.):

Body spray, lotion, and a ducky! Who doesn't love a ducky?

A Hello Kitty for my Bff when she gets back from her 15 day trip Monday. She LOVES Hello Kitty!

A Capricorn T-shirt! I'm a Capricorn, so it's perfect for me! But if you think this shirt is perfect...Wait till you see the next one I got!

LOL!!! Isn't it just awesome?! Hahahaha!! I LOVE IT!!!

Oh! And I got an eyeliner with a sharpener! Cool!

I also got a new pair of shorts and a skirt from JC Penny's! But I didn't take pictures of them because I they are with dad's present in Mom's closet! We had so much fun shopping!!

The polls I put up are ending today, but you still have time to vote!

I was actually thinking about changing my blog. I really want to! Most voters said that I should keep it the way it is, but I made a layout that I really liked in the Blogger Designer thing. But it still has the punk rock style to it! So after I get back from my karate class, (I actually should be getting ready now instead of blogging!) I'll change it! So come and see it later!

-Miss Mayhem


Anonymous said...

Hey! I went to the mall today too...I used to work at Claires...

Oddyoddyo13 said...

Cool stuff! Love the Capricorn T-shirt, even though I'm a Pisces. LoL!

Addie said...

Cool! I love the shirts!

Haha, yeah I wouldn't post pics of my bra on my blog either... lol!

Sarah said...

nice buys