Saturday, May 8, 2010

Baby Plants And Sandwiches!

My plant is starting to grow! Yay!!! I took some great pictures of my baby plant with a lady bug:

(am I the only one that names plants? I named this one Sweet Pea because that's the kind of plant it is!)

Now, I am also blogging about the sandwich my 7 year old sister made me!

Doesn't it look good? She offered to make lunch today so I told her the kind of sandwich I wanted. She even toasted the bread! And she put a Laughing cow cheese on the side! I thought it was so cute!
This was the conversation after I ate the sandwich:

Sis: How was it? Did I earn my cook badge? *really big cute grin*
Me: Ummmm...Yes!
Sis: Yay! My goal is to get ten cook badges this year! Now I have three!
Me: Cool! Thanks for the sammich! *smile*

I thought she was too cute to down her spirits by telling her that she's supposed to wash the tomatoes before she uses them, and that she gave me cabbage instead of lettuce! Oh, well..."the difference between lettuce and cabbage" conversation is for another time! :D

-Miss Mayhem


Christiejolu said...

Cool pics! The sandwich looks like it rocked!

Ophilia said...

Love your sister. Always love your sister. Little sisters need big sisters like fish need water.

Tara said...

Your lil sis sounds so cute. Love that she used cabbage instead of lettuce. Too cute.

Ami said...

Send her over. I need a sandwich. And I really like cabbage.

Oddyoddyo13 said...

So cute! The plants and the sandwich. Very thoughtful little sister of yours. Do you think she'd be willing to earn a clean big sister's room badge....just kidding! Wouldn't ask your sister to do that. :)