Saturday, May 15, 2010


Five minutes ago I was wondering what I could blog about because I felt like blogging. Then THIS THING showed up! I was brave enough to take a picture before I screamed for my (really brave and awesome younger) sister came to my rescue with an old camera box. Aren't you excited about spider season? Have you found a creepy crawly yet this year?

-Miss Mayhem
(and yes, my sister killed the horribly scary HUGE THING! Just in case you were wondering.)


Gabrielle said...

Hey Miss Mayhem! There's an award waiting for you on my blog! I've had some pretty creepy crawlies in my room, you don't wanna know trust me lol.
Also, I was wondering how you make a blog button I've wanted to for a while now, but have no idea how. Could you join my blog list? I don't think your icon is on there.
Have a lovely day :)

<3 <3,

Ami said...

We get lots of them in the school where I work.

The kids used to just step on them, but I have taught them that even spiders have to make a living.

When they see one now, they come get me and I get my spider catching kit.. an old play dough can and a piece of cardboard.

I put the inverted cup over the spider, carefully slide the cardboard under it, and take it to the back door and release it outside.

If it were a poisonous variety, I would, sadly, kill it.

Otherwise, I try really hard not to kill things.

Mizz Ali said...

ewwwww spiders!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! wow ew grosssss! lol

Oddyoddyo13 said...

UGH! SPIDERS! I've seen them before, but never any THAT big. Gross! I hate those things-so freaking scary. Here, we get scorpions, which is worse! I saw one in my bathroom once-it was a smaller one, the more dangerous ones. *shudders* So freaky.

Miss Mayhem said...

Gabrielle: Sorry, I think I have been calling you Gabriella! Oops! I can't leave a comment on your blog for some reason, I'll post the award soon! Here's the link to make your button:
Good luck!

Ami: It was really fast and it wouldn't let us catch it to release it, sorry we killed it!

Mizz Ali: I agree completely. :)

Oddyoddyo13: I HATE scorpions! Ahhhhh! If I found one in MY bathroom I would pee outside!

Sarah said...

God no I hate them!
I'm so scared of them
and that's a big one!
Here in the UK though Spider season is around September